Nox to Lumos Candle Co. 

As some of you guys may already know, I @yetstillshereads on bookstagram FINALLY OPENED a Literary Candle shop called Nox to Lumos Candle Co.The bookstagram community has been so incredible welcoming me. I know that this (once brand new) market has blown up in the last year and a half. 

When I decided to open Nox to Lumos, it was late March, early April 2016… I ordered all the supplies wholesale and was so excited to jump into a market that (back then) was relatively new. When I bought all my supplies, there were 7 literary candle companies. I felt so lucky that I found something that I could use as a creative outlet, have it be book inspired (since I have an obvious obsession with YA FICTION), I could help contribute to my family in the long run, the purpose for all of this would be that this enabled me to be able to work from home, be a stay-at-home-mom still, and not miss a second of my 3 year old son Sci-Fi’s life. Silas is brilliant. At 3 (just three) he can read, can do basic addition and subtraction, he can name 192 of the 195 countries of the world both in and out of context, you can choose a flag out of our collection of 195, out at random and he will not only tell you the country but point it out to you on both a globe and a map. To add a cherry on top of that brilliance, he will tell you which continent it is on and some individual random fact about that country. I never could of fathomed or believed that a 2-3 year old could retain information at the level that Silas does. I am determined to homeschool him now. I know that if I put him in public school, he would be bored. He would loose his passion for everything about learning and knowledge. I will not allow our school systems to make my son something less then he is. Silas is like the brightest of lights in the darkest of nights. 
Anyways. So I wanted to start my business in April. I unexpectedly got seriously sick. I still somehow functioned and was a great mother, but I was always in excruciating pain and felt like my body was filled with poison. I guess, in a sense, it was. I’m October, I ate a chunk of plain bread and deli turkey meat. I have never felt pain like I felt. I was physically ill. For hours, I sobbed in the bathroom and cried. Eventually, I crawled across the house to our bedroom and begged Ricky to drive me to the emergency room. Since he had his gallbladder removed years prior, he almost disregarded my symptoms because he believed it was common, non life threatening pain. It would pass. I know my body. I knew something was seriously wrong. I knew my body.

Long story shorter, he dropped me off at the emergency room. I’m sure the ER doctors didn’t think I was truly in pain because the only thing they offered me was Tylenol even though I was SOBBING in pain. My blood work came back quickly. I was sick. Very sick. On top of me having a gangrenous gallbladder, I had pancreatitis and colitis. I guess liver enzymes are suppose to be 73-290 on a normal person, mind was 15,552… yup… 15,552. I was immediately admitted, but normally where they IMMEDIATELY perform surgery to get the gallbladder out … I was too sick for that. The infection in my gallbladder/pancreas and liver made it impossible to do surgery until they could attempt to get the infection under control because if they tried to do surgery right away, it probably would have killed me. Yup, killed me.

(*Lesson to everyone : Trust your instincts. YOU know your body.)

Back to candles. Nox to Lumos Candle Co. has become such an incredible creative outlet. I’m like a mad scientist. I’m the first (in the literary world) to do my SIGNATURE chunk style candles and I announced yesterday on Instagram that I have finally and so excitedly REVAMPED MY LABELS. These are my dream labels … what I always imagined how I wanted to portray my company.
I’ll give you a few photos below as a teaser on the new labels. I hope you guys love them as much as I do!

I also want to thank my customers. You guys know who I am talking about. (All my customers are incredible but I’ve gotten to know a bunch of ladies who mean everything to me. They are my soundboard, my friends, the people I bounce ideas off of… so THANK YOU for supporting me and sticking with me as I learn to run a business. My gratitude for you will never be able to be shown enough. 

Anyways, if you haven’t checked us out go to & noxtolumoscandleco on bookstagram (plus my main: @yetstillshereads on bookstagram.)
Also, thank you so much to my three reps @Taylors_pages, @xenatine , and @justanotherbookishblog. You three are worth all the diamond in the universe. Love you guys. Xoxo


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