5 Reasons to read The Bone Witch by Rin ChupecoΒ 

The Bone Witch: 4 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

*5 Reason why you MUST read The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco*
#1.) First off, let me just say that The Bone Witch ensnared me from the first chapter. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this book because I went into it blind* (meaning that I chose not to read the synopsis at all. It’s actually my favorite way to read a book) but the cover is stunning and there is so much hype surrounding this novel that I knew I was in for an epic adventure. So, reason number one is that THIS BOOK IS STUNNING… (just look at the cover!)
#2.) The main character in the story is awesome. She is known as Tea of the Embers. The book opens us where a man (a bard/storyteller) was compelled in a dream to follow a bright-blue moon across the clouds to a beach scattered with bones everywhere- the Sea of Skulls. There, the Dream told him, he would encounter an exiled & infamous Dark Asha who would tell him a tale beyond anything he could ever imagine. He walks up to a girl around 17, slaying a monstrous beast called a Daeva. Her name is Tea. A Necromancer. A Dark Asha. A Bone Witch. (Pretty much meaning that this girl is a complete bad a**.) 
#3.) The story takes place in a land called the 8 Kingdoms. Tea was born in a tiny little village called Knightscross in the kingdom of Odalia. Like so many of us bloggers and bookstagrammers , she is a total bookworm. She would devour anything her father brought home from his travels. It is there that she read tales about the Five Great Heroes & the False Prince. It is where she learned any and all the history she knew of the 8 Kingdoms and where she learned of the Asha… fighters capable of wielding magic who strive to find and (hopefully one day) destroy the Faceless (the followers of the False Prince who are the reason for all the monsters in their world.)
#4.) Tea is not like everybody else. During the spring equinox, on a child’s 13th year, a heartrune spell is drawn by a witch in whatever village/town you are from. Most people’s hearthglass turns a shade somewhere in the range of pinks and reds. Purple is the color of witchlings- Forrest, wind, water witches etc.), but silver… a silver heart glass is the color for both the asha and the deathseekers. When Tea first discovers she is a Bone Witch – a necromancer – she is still in her 12th year. With the whole town in attendance, she unwittingly brings back her brother, Fox, from the dead. She is not only an Asha, but a Dark Asha. Feared and reviled by almost everyone.
*There are 3 types of asha. Asha known for their singing and dancing are known as performing asha but their magic is the weakest of the trio. The second are fighting asha, known for their bravery and their skill with magic. Last, but not least, are Dark asha… They are the strongest of the three.*
5.) There is a boy. (Isn’t there always a boy… or two?) Prince Kance of Odalia. Completely dreamy, incredibly sweet and every bit the prince you first image. His body guard is his cousin, (Lord) Kalen, who is a deathseeker (the elite of the military’s fighting force. Skilled in combat & magic and at times, capable of killing daevas.) 
*Only Dark Asha can control daeva and harvest the bezoar in their chest. Every few years the daeva must be forcefully raised and killed again. If not they raise on their own and can wreck mayhem on a town… Killing until a dark asha or deathseeker can put it down again.*

Kalen immediately dislikes Tea. He, like all asha and deathseekers, can read heartglass and see others feelings and emotions in the colors. From their first encounter, Tea’s interest in Prince Kance is obvious and Kalen’s disapproval to their friendship is apparent from the start. (*Sigh.*) …The stigma of a Bone Witch.

Okay…(All of my reasons mentioned above don’t go farther into the book then the beginning of Chapter 6. Reading an amazing book for the first time is always the most fun and I would hate to spoil anything for you.) Hopefully these 5 reasons have peaked your interest because The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco is really a fantastic read.
It is the perfect first book to any series. I was interested throughout the entire thing, I loved hearing the background story and how the book continuously switched from present to past and finally, I love that I want to know (so badly) what comes next. There are so many possibilities and hello, talk about a CLIFFHANGER!!!!

Release date: 3/7/17

Author: Rin Chupeco

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Book length: 432 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1492635826

ISBN-10: 1492635820


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