The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid (5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟)

The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid has literally been one of my absolute favorite books that I have read this year. I have a tbr piles that expands bookcases, piled on dressers and even one shoved in my diaper bag but when The Diabolic showed up randomly on my doorstep, something about the quote on the cover “Be deceived… or be destroyed” had me immediately intrigued. (Thank you Big Honcho media and of course, Simon and Schuster, this book was beyond incredible.)

I know it may not seem so, but it takes a lot for me to give a 5 Stars. Most of the books I have reviewed so far have been my absolute favorites but I will start reviewing a of everything in the future.
So, let me tell you about The Diabolic. 

In a world where the people who live on earth are just considered Excess and all the great faculties are Surat throughout galaxies and different star systems, the story follows the character of Nemesis, a diabolic who was bred, caged and is inhuman in the eyes of everyone around. From their earliest memories she, and others like her, were taught to kill. To fend death by killing anything that sought to harm them.. an ultimate killing machines. All of great houses in the galaxies learned that they could use these… creatures as personal, tailored body guards. Once a diabolic was bought, the corral keepers would bring the diabolic to a labortory where they are turned from predators to something smarter, more civilized. The machines make the diabolics brain grow bigger- in the frontal cortex so they can learn to speak and reason. The machines also initiate a bonding process with one specific person. Her aggression will stay but to Nemesis, her new owner Sidonia will be there only person Nemesis will ever truly love… anyone who attempts to hurt Sidonia will be exterminated by Nemesis. Nemisis will protect Sidonia at all costs. For the first time Nemesis felt something new for Sidonia ( or Donia) love.

So although diabolics had the DNA of humans, they were different. Fashioned to be loyal to one individual forever and merciless to anyone else. Like when Donia was a child, the other Imperial families were also buying diabolics for themselves and family members to protect themselves from any outside threat. 

Apparently, lately some Diabolic’s had gone rogue, killing over small slights and even killing to advance their child’s interest within families. Eventually, the Imperial Senate started debating the “Diabolic Menace” and it was decided that all diabolics were banned- retroactively. A missive straight from the Emperor himself. 

After 8 years of Nemesis being Sidonia’s diabolic and friend, Sidonia refused to end Nemesis’s life and pleaded to her father (who had made a personal enemy of the Emperor himself because he wished to avoid to research scientific theories again, review technological blueprints for all their space crafts that were breaking down, falling into disrepair and making space unsafe. The Emperor thought it was all blasphemy and insults directed towards that Living Cosmos. 

(The Helionic’s religion believe that their birth planet Helio’s chose to spark life of their Ancient ancestors on planet earth… And the sun that had nourished the human beings).
After the Diabolics were all supposedly killed, the Emperor summoned Sidonia, heir of the Galactic Senate, to court as a hostage for a wrong her father had committed. Instead of sending Sidonia, who was the Impyrean’s only child, the Matriarch of the family decided the only way to save Donia was for Nemesis to become her and go in her stead.

Now one of the Galaxy’s most dangerous weapons is hidden in plain sight- amidst the other GrandeΓ© two-faced children of the senator’s and all the other high level politicians. 

Nemesis has to learn to be everything she is not, believes she is not and not let anyone catch on she isn’t the real Sidonia Impyrean.
Okay, I hope I didn’t write too much but I give The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid 5 Stars, without another thought. It is one of my top three favorite books that I’ve read this year (sitting in the ranks with ACOMAF and EOS…) so just think about that and maybe you will understand how much I loved this book. I hope everyone goes out and buys this book November 1st and definitely pre-orders it so it comes on time. You will fall in love with the plot, the characters, the writing and everything in general. 


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