IMG_0851I don’t think my brain is made, quite, like everyone else’s. Of course, I have all the important and necessary things up there, but where most people have a traditional brain layout… is like to think my brain in categorized in sections with bookshelves. (Frontal Cortex: That will be when you first walk in- of course- with high shelves and rows and rows of books. Occipital lobe: where I see and imagine things must be rainbow book shelves… colorful and beautiful.)

I never want to imagine a world without books. Reading had kept me sane on many nights when, in all reality, I should have fallen apart. Books have been my friends when I was a child, when I didn’t have too many. Even then, I knew the value of escaping into a great book. Shutting out the world. Forgetting who you are… going on an adventure.

I know so many bloggers have done their top 5 MUST READS, but I think I may have a few forgotten gems they definety need to be on this list.


Whoa, whoa, whoa… before you immediately think “oh geez, Harry Potter… again?” Let me explain…    no matter of you grew up along side Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron as children of the 90’s (like me), or maybe you are freedom my generation and have just opened up those magical places for the first time… or even if you are just getting into reading and are younger then i care to type aloud on here- it doesn’t matter. There is magic in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I beg you to pick up the first book- no matter your age. I’m not the least big embarrassed to admit that I reread the whole Harry Potter series well over 30+ times… and I will continue to. Actually, all the books on my list have been reread around the same amount of times.

2.) The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini (Eragon)

There is still much to say about this series but Eragon, the first book in the incredible series, is maybe my favorite. Eragon, a young farm boy, lived a pretty boring, quiet life. Besides him being one of the only hunters willing to venture into the Spine -a part of the mountains where few can’t back from and those who did came back made- for food for his family. Nothing seems different about him. He just knows he needs meat to get through the winter. After a disappointing trip into the Spine, Eragon knows it’s time to head back to Carvhall, the town he lives on the outskirts with along with his uncle and cousin… out of nowhere a blue light flashes and fire engulfes the brush. Blue fire. Magic. Inside this ring of fire he finds this huge blue stone. This had to be more then coincidence. He wraps up the stone and starts the long trek back home.

The stone is actually an egg. A dragon egg. The only dragon egg free of Gallobrax’s rein in over a century. The world is changing and the Dragon riders will come again. Eragon faces a rough road ahead but it’s one of the most incredible adventures I have ever read.

3.) The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer

Since all of you have heard of Twilight I’ll save myself the synopsis and just say: Don’t let other people’s prejudices make you not read Twilight because your ashamed. It’s a beautiful love story and a series that I  read during a time in my life when I definitely needed an escape.

(Continue tomorrow)




    • Yes! Twilight is a great series. I think it’s silly when people are so negative towards other people’s reading choices. Everyone reads for personal enjoyment. No one else is inside my head but me (thank god) so why should I not potentially enjoy a book because someone thinks it’s stupid. I love Stephanie Meyer. I’m definitely not ashamed of that. Although I have watched the movie a lot of times, I anyways enjoy the books more. Besides Harry Potter (and Twilight) I rarely even watch book movies.

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