Making a leap of faith is terrifying, but I’m tired of watching everyone else take chances and not me.

There seems to be so many opportunities in today’s society for young millenniums who want to take the world by storm.. but what about those of us from are afraid? Terrified? Overwhelmed by doubt?

Lately, I have watched many acquaintances and friends take risky business leaps and then succeeding incredibly well in their ventures. I am ready to take that chance. When is enough, enough? How many more people will I watch chase their dreams before I begin to follow mine?

With the web, anyone can have success. Social media will become my friend and partner. Followers, networking and word of mouth will give me strength when honestly, I think it’s too much and I’m not enough. I am just as creative as many others, they just took the initiative where I haven’t.

So, since I’m terrified of jinxing myself, I won’t tell you what I’m working on but I will say I’m excited and everything I need is already ordered. It’s bookish related and I’m obsessing over it already. So yeah. Here I go. I hope I can look back and see I followed through even if it doesn’t go anywhere. If it doesn’t, I

vow it not be be from lack of trying. Here’s to taking chances and conquering fears… (ahhh.. oh, geez… I’m terrified)


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