The Rose and the Dagger. – Renèe Ahdieh 4/5 Stars

Renèe Ahdieh is a master at what she does. She perfectly concluded her reimagining of Arabian Nights in her duology with The Rose and the Dagger.

Fillled with passion, sacrifice, betrayal and magic, Ahdieh takes you on magic carpet ride with Shazi, the Calipha of Khorasan.  One of the things that i loved about Ahdieh is that magical vibe that underlays every word written. I feel as if I’m right there-set into the sand and sun of the desert.

The Wrath and the Dawn leaves off as a devastatingly powerful storm ravages Khorasan and Shahrzad’s childhood loves takes her captive to a camp where he is preparing a force to march against the murdering Caliph. Shazi wakes up under sun and sand -a political enemy to most at the camp of fighters determined to killed a Caliph, who weds a new young girl each night and kills her at the dawn. Only Khalid, his advisors and Shazi know about the curse that forces his hand in the killing- choosing the lesser evil to   his people by sacrificing a few. Something not done lightly.

Her stubbornness and determination, along with her undeniableIMG_0688_wm love of Khalid and the budding magic awakening in her veins  (along with a very cool magic carpet and a couple really interesting characters) will take her on a journey to not just reunite her with her true love, but help break the curse that has caused so much pain and despair in Khorasan.  Soon Shazi will find allies in friends she had thought were gone forever and through the bonds of family and friendship, end a war and  master her own magical awakening.

Ahdieh makes you feel so much with each page. I recommend The Rose and the Dagger to anyone who wants to read something unforgettable.

4/5 Stars


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