Queen of Shadows Book Review


After finishing reading this book for the second time, I think I actually fell more in love with it now then when I did with the first time. Sarah J. Mass is an extraordinary author and her writing really shines in Queen of Shadows.

QoS is book FOUR in the anxiously awaited, Throne of Glass series. I actually sat on bookstagram DM with a friend and we counted down the minutes until midnight so I could read the e-book after preordering it weeks before. (I also had the hardcover preordered but it wasn’t scheduled to arrive until that afternoon and I couldn’t fathom waiting another minute then necessary… ) right at 12:00am I opened up the ebook and fell back into the world of Celaena Sardothien and Aelin of the Wildfire.

In the fourth novel, two worlds are about to collide. Aelin had spent the last decade trying to be someone else. Since the day Arobynn Hamel, the king of the assassins, found her on the icy riverbank, he taught her to fear and at times hate her heritage and title. Returning from Wendlyn where she dispatched General Narrok and three other Valg princes with her wildfire (a task that almost killed her… only when she melded her magic with Rowans (making them carranam did they defeat them) which in turn sent a loud message to the King of Ardalan and the world that Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, the Queen of Tessasen, beloved of Mala Light-Bringer and heir of Fire is back. Now she is returning to the empire that killed her parents and enslaved people, decimated her country and changed her life forever…returning to Rifthold to settle old scores and confront her past she has ran from for so long…

When Aelin arrives the city, she has plans to take care of before she can reclaim her throne. Step one is to get back the amulet of Orynth , her family’s heirloom and the third wrydkey. I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone so I’m just going to say that plans change when her old master tells her that her cousin Aedion , the wolf of the north and Ardalan’s whore, is imprisoned for being a rebel and scheduled to be publicly executed at the young prince’s birthday party in a few days as a trap to lure Aelin there to capture her. After thinking Aedion had been a traitor for the last ten years, becoming one of Ardalan’s highest generals, Aelin is shocked and breathless thinking that he is and always has been loyal to Terresan, just doing whatever he had to to survive… the same as she. Aedion’s freedom is now her first and top priority. She has to once again accept Arobynn’s help (which is never free) to save him. Setting aside her suspicions that he arranged to have her lover and best friend, Sam, tortured and murdered and then set her up and had her sent to Endeavor two years ago, Aelin walks right into the trap laid out for her by the king and kicks some serious ass.
This book was so good, I recommend anyone who has not read the Throne of Glass series to do so because with every book, the storyline gets better and better. The thought that I have to wait however long for the next book is already killing me. Sarah J. Maas knows how to captivate her readers and have them begging for more. I definitely am.


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